Welcome to West Loch Park Hotel

About Us

From a humble beginning that started in 1995 is the birth of Holiday Enterprises Lumber and Hardware. Later on, considered as one of the leading supplier for products and materials needed in the construction business.

The company maintains its reliability in all its undertakings. It is to keep the good reputation that the company has established in the industry.

Six years has past and the company have reached desired profit that led to venture out to another field of industry. Bigway Supermarket came out in the market to cater the daily staple needs of the community of Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur that extend to the different municipalities of the Province.

Bigway Supermarket with its sole purpose in providing healthy and fresh foods and also equipped with friendly staffand quality services. To the demands of the consumers, local products been patronized and with similar response to the line up of imported goods the company offers.

Year 2013, West Loch Park Hotel been opened in the Hospitality industry in providing best services and amenities. Giving the satisfaction of the growing populace of travelers and corporate guests.

West Loch Park Hotel has an open air and closed venue that we cater to the needs of our clients for any occasion thus we also engage in producing live concert from our local talents as to give sort ofentertainment.

And two years later a branch in the City of Vigan is operational to augment the demands of the industry. Now the city is known to be one of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World.

Two branches working hand in hand to uphold its main core in the business industry.

The line-up of different companies that we endeavor entails a lot of perseverance and tons of hard work. But we are arm with competent and dedicated people in our main objective to fulfill the needs and satisfactory services of our clients.